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Bandai Hobby Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver Ka MG 1/100 Model Kit

Bandai Hobby

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Katoki's interpretation of the Crossbones Gundam X-1 features both original and upgraded equipment. Many small parts and details are featured on this kit including the various pirate themed skulls on its main body. Core fighter can separate from body and weapons include a beam zanbar shaped like a pirate cutlass, a gun that resembles a flintlock pistol, daggers in its feet, scissor anchors in the skirt, brand markers on its forearms, and beam sabers along with an anti-beam cloak. With a little bit of trimming, cutting, and assembly, you can have a Gundam of your very own! Imported from Japan, the Gundam X-1 Ver Ka model kit provides fan-favorite weapons, armor, and characters from the worlds of Gundam. Each kit, when assembled, has superb articulation, a high attention paid to detail, and can be customized to fit your own desires as a builder.
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