Bandai SH Figuarts Star Wars Executioner Elite Praetorian Guard 2BB-2 Figure Set

$ 129.95
SKU: 2000013001832
This special "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" set from Bandai features the S.H.Figuarts Executioner, S.H.Figuarts Elite Pretorian Guard - Double Blade, and even a bonus BB-2 unit! The Executioner comes with a rifle, a pistol, and his wicked-looking staff weapon with parts to display the business end open or closed, and the Elite Pretorian Guard - Double Blade has two types of swords and his special weapon, which can be used as two single blades or a long double-blade! Includes: Main body Interchangeable hands, left and right, three each Blaster pistol Blaster rifle Staff Special weapon - closed Special weapon - opened