Bandai Super Robot Wars OG Gespenst HG Model Kit

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Type: High Grade
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The original Gespenst from "Super Robot Wars OG" gets a new HG-series model kit from Bandai! It's equipped with movable gimmicks on the arms, hip joints and front armor. The range of movement has been expanded for even more awesome poses from the game! A slide gimmick on its abdomen allows the internal parts to move left and right, so that no gaps can be seen. IN addition to a PET sheet for the Slash Ripper effect, a wealth of weapons such as the Neutron Beam and Plasma Cutter are included too. The Split Missile and Slash Ripper can be attached and detached from the stabilizer. A base for display is also included. Includes Hand parts (x1 set), Neutron Beam, Split Missile (x1 set), Plasma Cutter effect (x1 set), Slash Ripper effect (x1 set), Display base (x1 set) and Seal. Assembly Required.