Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line Nolzurs Marvelous Brush Set

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It's a classic case of which came first - the Dragon or the Egg? Before he could use the Marvelous Pigments, Nolzur needed Marvelous brushes - and we all know applying any type of paint is often done best with a brush. The Dungeons & Dragons brush set contains 3 fantastic brushes - each selected for a special purpose. Combined the brushes make a perfect starter set for any painter! Nolzur says: 'I myself started with magical brushes like these, before I invented my Marvelous Pigments!' BASECOAT BRUSH This brush is used for basecoat­ing miniatures. The size is perfect for administering colours in the right places without “drowning” the model in paint. DETAIL BRUSH This brush is used for applying tiny details to your miniatures such as eyes, tattoos, belt buckles, etc. The detailed point of the brush is perfect for creating sharp contrast with the model. Enabling you to reinforce the most extreme highlights while also establishing depth with smooth, recessed shadows between base colors. DRYBRUSH This is the brush used for drybrushing. To drybrush: use a lighter colour than your basecoat, then apply paint to your drybrush and wipe the excess paint off using a cloth/tissue. Move the brush quickly back and forth over the raised areas to achieve the desired effect.