Gaia Notes Nazca Series NP002 Mechanical Surfacer Light Lacquer Paint 50ml

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Type: Gaia Paints
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This surfacer can also be used a paint. It's perfect for mecha joints, internal mechanisms, weapons and more! Thinning with NP003 Pro Use Thinner is recommended for optimal strength and adhesion. Fill fine scratches and gaps with fine particles. Can also be used with resin garage kits. For best results use the NP003 Pro Use Thinner. However Gaia Notes Lacquer Thinner will work too. NAZCA Mechanical Surfacer is specially formulated to be darker than normal surfacers. This allows it to be used as “primer” and “color” at the same time. These revolutionary surfacers are perfectly suited for internal mechanisms, frames and weapons. Parts that previously required priming can not be completed in a single layer. By using less layers, chipping/rubbing on mobile joints is reduced and your work time is shortened. Volume: 50 ml Continental USA shipping only. Ground service only.