GodHand EBRSP-TTM Brushwork PRO Hobby Chipping Paint Brush Medium w/ Cap

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GodHand Kamifude brushes are delicate brushes created by craftsman who specialize in artificial hair brushes. The artificial hair of this brush is made from PBT in Japan. The handle of the brush is wooden. The brush itself is hand manufactured by a Japanese brushmaker. Includes dedicated aluminum cap for the brush for storage and carrying. It is possible to adjust the brush hair by immersing the brush tip in 90 degree celsius (194 Fahrenheit) water for about 10 seconds and using the wall of the container to straighten the bent hairs. Be extremely careful doing this as the water is very hot. The Chipping paint brush is characterized by thick and short brush tip shape specialized for poking at paint. Tip length is approximately 6mm and width of 3mm.