Hasegawa Macross VF-11D Thunderbolt SVT-27 Bluetails 1/72 Model Kit

$ 44.95
Type: Gundam
SKU: 4967834658691
Hasegawa brings us a 1/72-scale kit of the VF-11 two-seater trainer with original markings! SVT-27 is an educational squadron of VF-1s that was organized in Macross City in 2012. Afterwards, it used the VF-5000, and from 2026 it started using the VF-11. The Type D was mainly used for training flights within Earth's atmosphere. The nose part features a double seat; a seated pilot figure is included. Decals are included for the Blue Tails, 27th Educational Squadron, equipped with the Joint Space Force Training Carrier Constellation, 300.