Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl x Megami Device Magical Baselard Model Kit

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In a major collaboration between Kotobukiya’s own original Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device series, the Frame Arms Girl Magical Baselard is born! X-Armor E (Dress Ver.) was molded in white and clear pink with new parts. The skirt and ribbon parts can be displayed in a variety of poses, allowing her the fullest range of motion possible of a machinika body. The Alnair Rod was created in two colors of gold, giving it an antique look. The rod can be reassembled into a variety of different styles, from a large magic staff to a spear, sickle, and wing unit. She comes with three different expressions: a winking face, a fighting face and a posed face. A variety of weapon parts and joint parts are included. A variety of weapon parts and joint parts are included, allowing you to pose her in different combat situations.