Kotobukiya Frame Arms Kagutsuchi-Kou Otsu Armor Set Ver. F.M.E. Upgrade Model Kit

$ 43.95
SKU: 4934054035502
A special append kit made up of the exterior parts and armor of the heaviest Frame Arms models in the series: "TYPE48MODEL1 KAGUTSUCHI-KOU", "TYPE48MODEL2 KAGUTSUCHI-OTSU SNIPER", and "TYPE48MODEL2 KAGUTSUCHI-OTSU FENCER". Combine with separately sold Frame Architect Type-001 (Gray) to recreate either Kagutsuchi-Kou or Kagutsuchi-Otsu. The main coloration theme of the armor parts is set as off white to be easier to paint. The large weapons Type 110 Extra Long Range Cannon Murakumo and Experimental Type 3 Hatchet are both included and can be held at the same time to create a larger impact. *This product includes only armor and weapons, the images shown use separately sold Frame Architect Type-001 (gray) :re2.*