Kotobukiya MH31 M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 31 Gousou Oni-juji Spear Model Kit

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The massive Doso Onijuji joins the Heavy Weapon Unit lineup from Kotobukiya! It can be used by both warrior robots and mecha-warrior girls; it can be changed to a large launcher (the Todoroki Thunder Cannon) and three types of spears (Jumonji Spear, Trident and Naginata) by recombining its parts. Try recombining them in different ways to create your own custom weapon! Its greater thickness (5mm) make it a larger and more powerful weapon than before, and it's molded in M.S.G. gray and silver, so you'll get a result very similiar to the photos after assembly. The length of the Todoroki Thunder Cannon and Spear can be changed by increasing or decreasing the barrel and handle; the four armor parts attached to the Todoroki Thunder Cannon can be moved independently, and can also be connected to a large suspension arm which also functions as back armor. Each part is connected by a 3mm axis and can be used as a single part. Overall length approximately 38cm (15").