Kotobukiya MO002 Modeling Support Goods MSG Dress Up Part Side Cloak Model Kit

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A M.S.G dress-up accessory item for character models! The vol. 1 is a "cloak" part, which is strongly requested by many customers! It is a cloak which can be worn by Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device character models to cover their sides. It is molded with in a sharp shape. The realistic wrinkles and damaged areas on the edge are finely recreated. Moreover, as it is made of plastic you can apply your creativity of modeling such as adding extra texture or damaged areas by painting and cutting. A character model can be fully covered by the cloak when using it together with the separately sold "M.S.G Dress Up Part Crash Cloak". The side cloak parts can be attached to the base cloak part by ball joints, therefore it has a wide range of articulation. You can recreate various dynamic poses for different battle scenes. *It might not be compatible with all products because of its shape.