Kotobukiya Muv-Luv Alternative EF-2000 Typhoon Cerberus Platoon (Reissue)

$ 59.95
SKU: 4934054045365
Kotobukiya's model kit of the EF-2000 Typhoon Cerberus Platoon from "Muv-Luv Alternative" is back! The European Union's flagship third-generation mech, the EF-2000 Typhoon, comes with its characteristic Mk-57 Company Support Cannon, which can be deployed without parts replacement with its bipod; the mech's wide range of movement makes it possible to even reproduce the prone posture for long-distance shooting! The drum magazine can be replaced on the left and right, and by exchanging the back parts, it can also be used on the Shiranui Type 2 (sold separately). The Super Carbon Blade on its arm can move back and forth; the large shoulder armor moves independently, and by extending the arm, the shoulder armor can function as a shield, too. The kit is molded in color and partially painted, so you can achieve a result very similar to the box art by assembly; decals are also included! It comes with the Mk-57 Company Support Cannon, two GWS-9 Assault Gunsd, and two BWS-8 Flugelberte. It's also compatible with various flying bases (not included, sold separately) for in-flight display.