Kotobukiya Muv-Luv Alternative Shiranui Type 2 Phase 3 XFJ-01A Yuuya Custom (Reissue) 1/144 Scale Model Kit

$ 34.95
Type: Kotobukiya
SKU: 4934054045372
Kotobukiya's outstanding model kit of the Shiranui Type 2 Phase 3 XFJ-01a Yuuya Custom from "Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse" is back! The Phase 3 is the final evolution of the Shiranui Type 2 in the game, and is the fruit of the Japan-U.S. joint new tactical mecha development project known as the XFJ Plan. It's molded in light blue and white plastic; the four characteristic armament stretchers on the upper shoulders are reproduced with parts replacement, and it can carry two Type 74 close-quarters-combat long swords and two Type 87 assault guns at the same time. The model number on its chest is mad with tampo printing and the head is pre-painted, so you can get a result very close to that shown on the box art just by assembling the kit. It's also compatible with various flying bases (sold separately, not included) for mid-air display.