PlamoKojo Plamo Hobby Paint Base Turn in Turn Paint Drying Tool

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Why hasn't someone ever thought of this before? The TURN In Turn painting base allows you to paint your model-kit parts in order, and to easily keep track of them! The base unit features lots of 3mm diameter holes, able to accept any painting stick, bamboo stick, plastic stick, etc., and you can place them in the order you prefer. To paint, simply choose your first piece, remove its stick from the base, and paint, then return it to the base and move on to the next stick. Once you've gone all the way back to the beginning, your pieces are painted and ready for the next coat, shading, weathering, etc.! Sufficient space is allowed so that your parts don't need to be crowded together, too. You'll get a set of two TURN In Turn bases; they clean up easily, and stack together when not in use. The anti-slip base means the TURN In Turn will stay securely in place on your workbench or desktop while you're working, too! It's perfect for brush painting, airbrush, spray cans, etc.