Square Enix Structure Arts Front Mission Series Vol.2 1/72 Scale Model Kit Set of 4

$ 84.95
SKU: 4988601358071
The next 1/72 scale Structure Arts model kit line-up is here! The featured designs are: Frost, Enyo, Walrus, and Tiran from the Front Mission franchise. Once again, the torso, arms, lower body, backpack and hand-held weapons are cross compatible between all the models, plus each model has a total of four hardpoints on the shoulders and arms, allowing you to attach weapons or shields. There are also utility parts included so you have the option to equip or simply carry your artillery. In-game, your loadout might put you over the weight limit, but these kits offer more options when you set up your diorama or play with the models! The coloring depicted on each of the parts in the photograph are representative of the pigment injected into the actual mold! Build it as-is, paint it whatever color you please, try various ways of assembly, customize the pieces to create your own original unit, or set up a diorama – with so many options to choose from you will want to be sure to add these model kits to your collection!